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Allergies Are Summer and Winter Woes

Just when you thought it was safe to shelve the allergy medicine, along come other problems to aggravate your allergies. Dirt, dust, mildew, bacteria, mold, and algae in forced-air heating/cooling ducts can cause allergies to flare. According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), "Common harmful mold can be found in air conditioning systems, including Aspergillus, Penicillium and Cladosporium. " In fact, the US Government requires UV lamps above cooling coils to control microbial growth in government buildings. Indoor air is up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air according to the EPA. 50% of all illnesses are either caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air according to the American College of Allergists.

The average person spends about 90% of his/her time indoors. Filthy air ducts blow bacteria, fungi, mold, pollen, and other disease-causing spores into your living environment . . . morning, noon, and night. There's a high concentration of the things you're allergic to in an air-duct system, and, because you're indoors 90% of the time, you're exposed to them for a major portion of your day. The first step in controlling any allergy is avoidance. For a majority of allergy sufferers, dirt and dust are the culprits. We are exposed to dust all year long, but the duration is higher in the winter for people with forced air heating and even worse for those with forced-air heating and cooling.

Regular cleaning maintenance of these systems (source removal) is recommended. When done on a regular basis, it will help alleviate the allergy sufferer's problem and help deter the growth of microorganisms. With the installation of an Aprilaire¨ high-efficiency air cleaner, and UV germicidal lamp, humidifier and whole house de-humidifier system with fresh air exchange, we can help protect you and your family from these irritable contaminants. Don't let airborne pollutants rob you of your health and comfort, or keep your heating and air conditioning from operating as it should. Call Koehler Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for the best in Indoor Air Quality sales, installations, and service.

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Q: How often should the air filter be replaced?
A: Manufacturers recommend filter replacement once a month to assure maximum efficiency. However, If you have an Aprilaire high efficiency media air cleaner, then replacement of the media is only ONCE A YEAR or longer depending on conditions. Call Koehler to have a high efficiency air cleaner installed in your home.

Q: What are the benefits of having a whole home air cleaner vs. a portable room unit?
A: First, and foremost, the whole home gets clean air, but with a portable unit only one room at a time gets the benefit. Second, with Aprilaire's #1 rated model 5000, there are no messy quarterly maintenance washes like other brand air cleaners. Just maintain the unit once a year to assure a whole year of clean air for your home. Third, independent studies by LMS Technologies, Inc. of Bloomington, MN has completed a comprehensive and entirely unbiased test of the leading brands of electronic air cleaners in the industry, and Aprilaire model 5000 was found to be the best performing air cleaner in the study. For a cleaner, healthier home call Koehler Heating and Air Conditioning for a free quote on having one installed in your home.

Q: Is it necessary to have my Gas Burner cleaned each season, since it burns clean gas?
A: Even though gas is clean burning, rust and corrosion inside the heating surfaces could drop down over the burner surface and cause distortion of the burner flame, causing it to produce carbon or sooting. This condition, if not checked by a professional technician could result in SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH by CARBON MONOXIDE ! Ask Koehler about a planned Preventative Maintenance Contract.

Q: How important is preventative maintenance for central air conditioning?
A: Studies have shown that routine cleaning and tune-ups on AC units are known to restore performance capacity, improve comfort, and lower energy costs by restoring capacity by 1/2 to 3/4 tons. Control of humidity is improved. Need of running time is reduced, therefore, energy costs are lowered. Lack of maintenance lowers capacity, extends running time, and puts a strain on the equipment, which could lead to breakdowns and expensive repairs. Demonstrations further showed that good maintenance programs showed an average savings of $32.76 per month based on 8 cents per kwh. Run time was reduced by an average of 1.70 hours per day. Call Koehler for a quote on a Preventative Maintenance Contract for your equipment.

Q: Why does it feel uncomfortable in my home when the thermostat is reading a reasonable 68-70 degrees?
A: This is a result of poor indoor air quality. Temperature is not the only factor that makes us feel comfortable. Dust particles are a major cause of the problem, especially if the air is dry. Proper air cleaning and humidification will make the home feel more comfortable even at lower temperatures.

Q: Why do I need a humidifier?
A: You need a Whole House Humidifier to improve comfort, health, save energy and protect your home and furnishings. For your comfort, you will feel warmer at a lower temperature setting, reduce dry itchy skin, and eliminate those static electric shocks. For your health, you will reduce irritation of the upper-respiratory and sinus, and reduce the symptoms of colds and flu. You will save on energy because the house will be more comfortable at a lower temperature, up to 3-4 degrees! And finally, you will protect your home and it's furnishings from what a lack of humidity can cause: Damage to wood furniture, floors and mouldings. Cracks in plaster and drywall. Pianos and musical instruments loose their tune. Antiques, art and precious documents can deteriorate.An Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier can be installed in one day for as little as $700.00.

Q: Why not buy a portable or a console humidifier?
A: These only serve one room or a small area, and they are messy due to frequent cleanings. It is also very inconvienent to fill them everyday, not to mention the possible spills that could occur, and they take up your living space. Whole house humidifiers are actually less expensive to maintain and operate. One unit does the whole home vs. several portables, and they last as long as a furnace. There are no expensive cleaners, tablets, or treatments to prevent mold from growing inside.

Q: Why Aprilaire?
A: Simply put, they are the best, the industry leader, and the #1 Rated humidifier by Consumers magazine. Also, they have the best control-completely automatic, which provides for the most capacity. They are very easy to service, once a year, and you can even do it yourself. They are the most reliable humidifiers, and Koehler Heating & AC have recommended and installed them for over 28 years. We give them our #1 rating.

Q: What can be done about the temperature swings and differences that occur throughout my home? Can something be done to make the temperature more even and constant?
A: Yes, something can be done to improve the comfort level, and keep even temperatures all over the home! The latest technology using modulation and furnace intelligence controls can not only provide improved comfort, but also tremendous energy savings with 94% efficiency. A free quote from Koehler will help you get on tract for immediate benefits. First day energy savings is $400.00 in energy rebates.

Q: What can be done to purify the air in my home or business?
A:Have the Guardian Air PHI Technology installed in your air duct system. This air purifier can kill H1N1 Swine flu, Bird flu, Candida, MRSA, Strep, E-Coli, and many more virus and bacteria with a 99+% kill rate! Aggressive advanced oxidation plasma destroys airborne and surface pollutants in your home or office.

Q: Why do we get a musty odor from the air ducts, and the house feels clammy and sticky in the air conditioning mode? What can be done to correct this situation?
A: The problem lies with excessive moisture in the home, which can promote the growth of mold. If humidity level is above 50%, this is an uncomfortable stuffy level, and if it's above 60%, then harmful contaminants thrive.To keep the humidity level below 50%, a whole house dehumidifier is essential. A word about portable dehumidifiers. They can only control the humidity of one room. The Aprilaire Model 1700 Dehumidifier is effective in controlling humidity in the whole home.

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